Wednesday, April 22, 2009


this entry is dedicated to people who wanted to buy a CAMRY 2.4..the car is in a very good condition..have low-mileage and had only been used for one-two months seldomly..however..this cars..ahaks..CARS..can only be found at PErak..and to be exact the auction will be held at the Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan from 9.30 a.m to 4 p.m from may 4 to 18..for mor information you can call any PR's representative..haha..yes those cars are the one bought by former Perak MB nizar jamalludin..aiseyh..beli mahal2 tp sempat pkai sekejap saja..x sempat panas punggung..umh furthermore the cars can be bought either in bulk or individually at the reserve price of rm148,000 each..a brand new CAMRY 2.4 will cost rm 170,000..hmm murah2..haha ad 11 camry 2.4 murah with registration number AGS10,AFD11,AFD12,AFD22,AFD33,AFD55,AFD66,AFD77,AFD88,AFD99,AFD333,AFD999,AFF33,AFF88,AFF99,AGS828, and AEU606..hadeih..kesian nizar..haha nanti ad org kata i'm being biased towards BN pulak..come on..u people already support is with BN n UMNO..FYI i'm already a registerd member with PEMUDA UMNO..but dun worry(as mr.bakhtiar always said)..i will also 'hentam' BN or UMNO shud there be any wrong doing or silap bwat decision by the PR always said..BArU AD CHECK AND DS nizar..congrats for winning the bukit gantang by-election and getting back into the limelite after a period of shame and 'sunyi-sepi'..but after this nk beli ap lagi? can i give a suggestion?? cuba la pegi bid keta camry yg hg pkai masa jd MB arituh..xdelah 'terasa' sgt...haha..rugi woo...dah la murah, baru lak tuh..kira boleyh dpt feel mcm still MB lagilah..hehhehheh..OPPS!!

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