Thursday, April 30, 2009

'i am polite' CAMPAIGN 2009

this topic had been 'playing' inside my mind since i was in Penang Free School..really want to talk about this topic but only now i had the chance to express's all because none of my friends are interested to hear it..they know who am i..a person who love to talk and always,always 'sembang' about politics whenever i had the's maybe because myself had mature earlier than most of them and i'm only interested to talk about topics that only the adult cares about..politics, people, moral values, other races and father bought my first handphone(dapat free actually) when i accept the offer to further my study at MJSC Langkawi and i'm still using it..most youngster nowadays will call it 'handphone baling anjing'..haha..i only change its 'housing' during my times at free school, i don't mingles with girls often..those days i don't give a damn about girls so girls is not my every day topic..

okeyh back to my main motive..moral values as i see it, have been lacking day by day..most of the youngsters do not seem to take seriously.. nowadays its a norm if you see kids who talk to adults by using words 'aku hg', 'aku hg' selamba katak jer..i have also encountered a boy who stand on his dad's shoulders and then suddenly kick the latter's head..his dad was kick right at the head THRICE..yes we can accept the fact that it is only a child..HOHOHO..senang nye buat statement...during my time...huhu NO WAY my dad will allowed me to stand on his shoulders..
huhu pity the that guy la..people will talk about how rude his kid just... IT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN..but this case boleh bagi can lagi la..cause it involve kids..but as the saying goes 'melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya' should be taken into serious consideration..

during my time as a frees and a hostelite, every morning i can see parents who are sending their children..this is a routine and normal thing to see rite? but to my amazement, the children(some of them are my friends) act like their parent were their driver...the parent it father or mother(one of them)..and the seat rite beside the parent is empty but the children choose to sit alone at the back comfortably as if they pay their parent..i dont really know if this had to do with feng shui and all that stuff..but it really shows the lack of respect they have towards their parents.. sorry if i offend anyone reading is just my reaction when i see it..sometimes 'marah' pun ade because i see it every morning and i hate it a lot..

do you have the experience where kids challenge you for a fight? kids as young as 6 years old..
"tengok2 apa? nk gaduh ka? mai r!!"...huhu..this really how kurang ajar kids nowadays..ikut hati aku mau je aku tackle terbang budak tuh pastu hentak kt tanah...cilanat punya budak!
all of you must be wondering what have lead to such commotion..rite? at first camni..that kid had ramp his bicycle at my dad's car..its ok..boleh terima..but then bila dia nk belah dari crime scene..secara xsengaja dia calarkan keta my dad with the bike's handle..then i scold him..i expect sorry from that boy but laen yang keluar dari mulut dia..i was like...WTF!!..and then selamba jer that boy left me speechlessly..

that is some of the example i have encountered personally to show how rude kids parents, brothers and sisters please look after your kids or brothers(this usually apply to the male)..teach them enough moral values and politeness they must have when they were born as an ASIAN..i am sure you don't want them to be called rude or disepak and get penyepak out of sudden..and most importantly this 'nasihat' also goes to me to make sure that i retain the impressive level of politeness i have and to ensure that my brothers also are at the same par with me..HOHO

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seize it!!

So it was the headline for sunday The Star front page,as I'm reading it, the anger in me start to swell as if my body want to explode..i'm mad because they were once a public nuisance but today they have turned into a public threat..for me, I don't mind if they have chosen to be a public nuisance for the rest of their life..(i dont care, you can go to hell)..but..the real problem here is when they start to harass the public..first, they 'usik' all the 'anak dara', they robbed people..then..after this what it is going to be?? Slaughtering and butchering others on bike??Perhaps a modern head-hunter?? Whatever things that they might turn into, i'm sure they will give you a hell out of their tell do you feel when you found out that ur hearing impaired daughter had been beaten and robbed in the public by all of this REMPITS!!?? all will get pissed off..RITE? I felt pity towards the girl..please..if you want to robbed her, go ahead but please spare her,she has suffered a lot..BUT DUN WORRY I ALWAYS PRAY THAT ALL OF THIS REMPITS WILL GET THEIR PUNISHMENT FOR ALL OF THEIR WRONG DOINGS..perhaps get run by a six tonne-18 tyres lorry??..i am very sure that those who had been victimised by this hooligans will pick that kind of punishment happily...i am not being evil but that is how i feel towards those hooligans..

Penang Deputy CPO Senior Asst Comm I Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah said most youngsters cited boredom as their reason they indulged in becoming MAT REMPIT who ride recklessly and often endangering other road users while others cited peer pressure. Okeyhla..a typical answer from MAT ROKOKS who turn into MAT REMPIT.. and interestingly 87% of them are aged between 14 and 25..from skool'less' to job'less'..very very young and fragile..shud i call them precious?? yes they were precious gem before..but because of the failure of their parents to guide them to the correct path they turn into besi berkarat..besi berkarat can be polished if those hooligans INSAF AND BERTAUBAT..why i say INSAF AND BERTAUBAT? this is because most of the MR are malays..huhu..sedeyhnye..come on la..plis la...dont terrorise ur neighbourhood..find a job lah if u all boring...da lah xnk blaja, pastu keje xnk pulak,malas,xsuke kerje jd kulilah..banyak cantek..blaja xnk ada cita2 xnk jadi kuli...come on guys...there are thousands of jobs up for grab..rezki di's all depend on yourself..kene carilah..if you just stay at home and 'hayun' your balls like a bandul the rezeki won't come bergolek one...

So what is the real solution?? okeyh I agree with the idea of seizing their bike..suspend their license for two years..hmm sounds like a good idea and i want to see they walk the talk..etceli,its all start from home, parents must make sure that their kids sit tight at night and making their house a harmonious place to stay..parents must know who their kids befriend with..who they hang out with..and stuff like that..u people know rite..of course it is easier to said than done..i dont have a family yet and it is easy to say such thing..but it's just a reminder to all the parents out there from me..this problem starts from make sure you're children enjoy their time in the house..have some family time together so that your family bonding can be strengthen..

to all MAT REMPIT out there..think of your loved ones, your race, your religion and your nation..ISLAM does not preach it's followers to be thief,hooligans,unproductive,robbers,serial rappers and practising violent..for the sake of ISLAM, stop doing what are you doing right have tarnish the good name of ISLAM..and you have tarnish the good name of our late prophet, Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w)..a prophet who have been respected by other religion..FYI, my former taekwondo master, Master Paul Boey(still remember your name) had praise the leadership and character quality of Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w) as our prophet..and most importantly he had said that the true religion is ISLAM,there are no other religion who taught what ISLAM preach..ISLAM teach the right thing towards its followers..although he is a christian but he insist that ISLAM is the true religion..but the beautiful name of ISLAM had been tarnished by this parasites,among others are mat rempit, bohsia, bohjan, kaki nombor ekor, bribery, extremist, SUNNI and SHIITE followers who loved to kill each others and to make matter worse they also kill their own inside the mosque which is a holy and sacred place to be in..

MAT REMPIT please stop terrorising malaysian street with your act..if you are jobless or have jobs but it does not satisfied you I can offer you another way to get rich..its halal and you are your own decide what your earnings at the end of the month..SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? JOIN LUXOR..change for progress, progress for success.. KING GROUP!! SATU HATI!!

p/s err i'm manager mawi, so.. if you need help or getting fed up with your current job kindly give me your personal details and i'm only interested with people who have the courage and determination to succeed..thank you..


Thursday, April 23, 2009

korupsi=rasuah=duit kopi

di dalam edisi kali ini izinkan wak untuk bermadah dalam bahasa ibunda yang tercinta



Rasuah-amalan tidak berintegriti yang harus dibenci. Secara umumnya
rasuah merupakan jenayah atau kesalahan undang-undang apabila
seseorang mendapat kebebasan, kontrak atau keistimewaan daripada pihak
berkuasa atau sesebuah syarikat selepas memberi wang, hadiah keraian dan
lain-lain bentuk kepada pihak-pihak tersebut.
Menurut Badan Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia,
empat kesalahan rasuah yang utama:

  1. Hilang nilai keimanan dalam kehidupan manusia
  2. mmg tabiat manusia sukakan harta benda dan kemewahan
  3. Tidak amanah. Amanah terpinggir apabila urusan diberikan pada seseorang yang tidak layak menyandangnya.
  4. Tiada penerapan hukum Allah dalam kehidupan manusia.
  5. Kurang pemahaman atau tidak faham langsung dengan konsep serta ajaran Islam secara betul dan menyuluruh
  6. Lemah pendidikan agama dan etika.
  7. Tamak.
  8. Banyakl berhutang.
  9. Ada keinginan dan ada peluang.
  10. Kepimpinan dan pentadbiran yang lemah.
  11. Faktor sosial menganggap rasuah sbg cara hidup.
  12. Untuk mencapai cita-cita.
  13. Belanja hidup yang semakin meningkat.
  • Dato' Seri Ali Rustam( Ketua Menteri Melaka)
STATUS= Beliau telah didapati bersalah dan telah digantung daripada turut serta di dalam pilihan raya Umno baru-baru ini. Perlu diambil perhatian DS Ali Rustam terlibat secara tidak langsung kerana perkara tersebut dilakukan oleh Setiausahanya, oleh sebab itu UMNO telah menghukumnya kerana telah melanggar etika parti.(hmm,rasuah tetap rasuah walau bagaimanapun wak berharap DS akan lebih berhati2 kerana perkara tersebut telah mencemar nama baik DS, all the best in ur future)
STATUS=Ni sorang lageyh..huhu dah la wak dok bawah dia sebagai seorang ahli pemuda umno..
okeyh2..minta maaf bos..haha..beliau telah didapati bersalah walau bagaimanapun tidak dikenakan sebarang hukuman dan cuma diberi amaran oleh Lembaga Disiplin Umno..huhu..xtaulah wak nk ckap..sorang lagi bersalah kena gantung tapi mai tang bos wak dapat amaran ja??hehe xpa2..takdir allah..wallahualam mcm mana boleyh jadi kowt lagu tuh..macam mana pun wak tetap percaya KJ berkelayakan untuk memegang jawatan tersebut(wak nk mukhriz lagi etceli) wak memuji style,keberanian, kepintaran, kepetahan bercakap dan kepimpinan anda. Wak yakin!

dah la tuh...wak malas r nk bermadah2 skema taik la pulak..okeyh..wak ada seorang rumate wak di matrix yg menyokong pas..wak tau pas adalah parti yang menegakkan islam..dan yang paling penting wak hormat tok gurunye iaitu Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat..walau bagaimanapun wak kdg2 x sekepala dengan tindak tanduk penyokong pas sendiri yang tidak menunjukkan islam sebuah agama yang tidak sukakan kekerasan dan keganasan. wak ambil contoh semasa pilihan raya 2008,wak sedih bila baca newspaper dan tgk berita kat tv yg tunjuk penyokong2 pas merosakkan kereta menteri2 BN dan UMNO dan membaling batu terhdap bas yang dikatakan membawa phantom voters , yang tambah memalukan siap pakai kopiah kat kepala..huhu..sebab tu kadang2 wak xsuka ngn dieorg tapi wak tetap memuji pas yang mempunyai asas dan ideologi mereka yang xpernah bertukar dari dahulu lagi iaitu menegakkan islam..itu wak sokong..xmcm pkr yang mcm lalang..bertukar asas dan ideologi mengikut kepentingan si anwar al-juburi..
wak x nak ckp pasal tu, matlamat wak ttg rasuah..rumate wak cakap KJ tu maen taktik kotor sebab tu boleyh naek cepat..huhu..wak cam sokong gak r tp wak xleyh nak sahihkan sbbwak xde bukti nk ckp dia naik dengan rasuah..wak dgr ajelah.. mungkin itu rezeki die nak naik cepat pastu dia tambah lagi..dia cakap azalina menang tanpa bertanding dulu pun sebab rasuah..wak dah xingat azalina lwn ngn sapa tp xsilap wak org pas jugak..yang wak herannya mana dia dengar cerita??bukti??wak xpernah dengar pun dakwaan ke atas azalina keluar?mcm nilah..wak bwat konklusi cerita dia tadi..klu bn atau umno menang ja..semua rasuah..kami menang kotor..PR ja betul mcm lah diorg neyh xpernah terima rasuah..ttg kes azalina td..klu azalina rasuah kita tanya balik,dia rasuah siapa? klu x silap yg lwn dia adalah org pas so makna kata azalina rasuah orang pas lah..klu jadi macam tu..adakah adil hanya azalina sahaja yang digelar kotor? habis yang penerima rasuah macam mana? di biar bebas senang lenang menikmati duit rasuah??patutkah pemberi rasuah shaja yg patut disiasat?ha..itu kita kena pikir balik..rasuah adalah satu hubungan dua hala,rasuah tidak akan terjadi kalau si penerima menolak sogokan tersebut..oleh sebab itu kawan2 sekalian terutama muda mudi malaysia sekarang, bakal pemegang tampuk pimpinan di masa depan, janganlah kita cepat terpengaruh, menuduh sana-sini ttg rasuah tanpa mengetahui kesahihan atau hujung pangkal cerita tersebut..adalah lebih baik kita tengok,lihat,jeling dan dengar..kita ambil segala cerita ttg rasuah sebagai iktibar untuk diri kita sendiri agar kita tidak akan terlibat dengan aktiviti yang kotor dan keji tersebut..kepada sahabat2 wak terutama yang masih belajar jgnlah terlalu seronok mengutuk, mengherdik dan mencaci mereka yang bersalah melakukan rasuah..perlu diingat kita belum lagi terjun ke alam bekerja,kita belum lagi menempuh alam ini yang merupakan alam yang paling mencabar dlam hidup kita..mungkin suatu hari nanti kita berpangkat besar,berkereta besar dan mempunyai simpanan yang besar..ingatlah ujian allah akn datang pada bila2 masa dan mungkin pada ketika itu akan ada sekumpulan manusia yang akan menyogok anda..klu diri anda baek insyaallah anda menolak sogokan tersebut..klu tidak hanya allah shj yang tahu..oleh sbb itu,mula dari sekarang kuatkanlah iman masing2, selalulah menghadiri ceramah agama agar iman kita 'MANTOP'..kesalahan orang laen mmg kita senang nmpak tetapi kesalahan sendiri susah sangat..nk buat mcm mana itulah lumrah manusia..remember, life is a circle, there are times when u r at the top of it and there are times when you are struggling at the bottom..JGN SEKARANG KITA PLG KUAT MENGUTUK PIHAK YANG TERLIBAT RASUAH,DAH KERJA NANTI KITA PLG KUAT MKN DUIT RASUAH..

sorong papan tarik papan,
buah keranji dalam perahu,
ada silap tolong tegurkan,
kalau tak mana lah wak nk tahu.

semua yang baik datang daripada allah dan yang buruk terlebih terkurang datang dari kelemahan diri wak sendiri.. wallahualam..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


this entry is dedicated to people who wanted to buy a CAMRY 2.4..the car is in a very good condition..have low-mileage and had only been used for one-two months seldomly..however..this cars..ahaks..CARS..can only be found at PErak..and to be exact the auction will be held at the Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan from 9.30 a.m to 4 p.m from may 4 to 18..for mor information you can call any PR's representative..haha..yes those cars are the one bought by former Perak MB nizar jamalludin..aiseyh..beli mahal2 tp sempat pkai sekejap saja..x sempat panas punggung..umh furthermore the cars can be bought either in bulk or individually at the reserve price of rm148,000 each..a brand new CAMRY 2.4 will cost rm 170,000..hmm murah2..haha ad 11 camry 2.4 murah with registration number AGS10,AFD11,AFD12,AFD22,AFD33,AFD55,AFD66,AFD77,AFD88,AFD99,AFD333,AFD999,AFF33,AFF88,AFF99,AGS828, and AEU606..hadeih..kesian nizar..haha nanti ad org kata i'm being biased towards BN pulak..come on..u people already support is with BN n UMNO..FYI i'm already a registerd member with PEMUDA UMNO..but dun worry(as mr.bakhtiar always said)..i will also 'hentam' BN or UMNO shud there be any wrong doing or silap bwat decision by the PR always said..BArU AD CHECK AND DS nizar..congrats for winning the bukit gantang by-election and getting back into the limelite after a period of shame and 'sunyi-sepi'..but after this nk beli ap lagi? can i give a suggestion?? cuba la pegi bid keta camry yg hg pkai masa jd MB arituh..xdelah 'terasa' sgt...haha..rugi woo...dah la murah, baru lak tuh..kira boleyh dpt feel mcm still MB lagilah..hehhehheh..OPPS!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

another great fightback??

haha..i hate to say this but arshavin was simply outstanding..he took all of his chances and turn it into goals..yes be exact 4 goals in one game..thanks to three blunder made by liverpool's sloppy defence..and another one that he score was simply outstanding helped by his blistering pace and great left-foot...arshavin you are world class..
simply outstanding..but not arsenal..they does not pose real threat for liverpool's back four..okeyh2..they score four but it is all come from arshavin magic+sloppy defending from arbeloa,aurelio,carragher and agger..
okeyh enough with 'puji-pujian' for arsenal..i'm a kop and i admitted this is another one of liverpool's version of great fightback..they make mistakes and they score.. two goals from torre and benayoun had settle the scoreline for a draw..thank god we have a great striker and never ending running-super fit midfielders..yes they are torres,kuyt,babel,riera,alonso and gerrard..if not I dont know whether Liverpool's can survive at the top league..and some more..GERRARD DID NOT PLAY..hmm..a great round of applause to all liverpool's lads and a standing ovation shows to the world that we can play exciting football eventhough our midfield maestro is not there to help us..hmm i wonder what gerrard can do towards arsenal youngsters..hmm..maybe gerrard can change the scoreline..i say..6-4 perhaps...haha..that is how dangerous we are..but..huhu liverpool's back four were outrageous and a concede four goals..I REPEAT FOUR SOFT GOALS!! is just hard-breaking and head banging feat..come on..all of you can do better
than that..pity for reina as he is not protected by his own defence..huhu..but I still wonder why benitez
rested two of our key-defender =skrtel and dossena..those two might have give some calmness at the
back...huhu for agger..u'r a great player but tonite u just don't nailed it la bro....
huhu overall liverpool play great football with some massive build-ups toward the goals..
for kop all around the world..just sit tight and pray for MAN U to COLLAPSE..
plus..i hate to see another macheda so called 'magic'..huhu..yes..i'm a firm believer

i would like to take this opportunity to pay my condolence to all of our supporters who had perished
in the Hillsborough tragedy

The Justice Bell

A schoolboy holds a leather ball
in a photograph on a bedroom wall
the bed is made, the curtains drawn
as silence greets the break of dawn.

The dusk gives way to morning light
revealing shades of red and white
which hang from posters locked in time
of the Liverpool team of 89.

Upon a pale white quilted sheet
a football kit is folded neat
with a yellow scarf, trimmed with red
and some football boots beside the bed.

In hope, the room awakes each day
to see the boy who used to play
but once again it wakes alone
for this young boy's not coming home.

Outside, the springtime fills the air
the smell of life is everywhere
violas bloom and tulips grow
while daffodils dance heel to toe.

These should have been such special times
for a boy who'd now be in his prime
but spring forever turned to grey
in the Yorkshire sun, one April day.

The clock was locked on 3.06
as sun shone down upon the pitch
lighting up faces etched in pain
as death descended on Leppings Lane.

Between the bars an arm is raised
amidst a human tidal wave
a young hand yearning to be saved
grows weak inside this deathly cage.

A boy not barely in his teens
is lost amongst the dying screams
a body too frail to fight for breath
is drowned below a sea of death

His outstretched arm then disappears
to signal thirteen years of tears
as 96 souls of those who fell
await the toll of the justice bell.

Ever since that disastrous day
a vision often comes my way
I reach and grab his outstretched arm
then pull him up away from harm.

We both embrace with tear-filled eyes
I then awake to realise
it’s the same old dream I have each week
as I quietly cry myself to sleep.

On April the 15th every year
when all is calm and skies are clear
beneath a glowing Yorkshire moon
a lone scots piper plays a tune.

The tune rings out the justice cause
then blows due west across the moors
it passes by the eternal flame
then engulfs a young boys picture frame.

His room is as it was that day
for thirteen years it's stayed that way
untouched and frozen forever in time
since that tragic day in 89.

And as it plays its haunting sound
tears are heard from miles around
they're tears from families of those who fell
awaiting the toll of the justice bell.

Monday, April 20, 2009

PENANTI-another political ploy @ just another by-election?

this topic had really grab my utmost attention..I decided to stay away from my bed just to post this new entry as this issue had been boggling inside my mind..THE QUESTION IS-is it one of anwar al juburi political ploy or just another by-election?.. our prime minister DS Najib Tun Razak had said that the decision whether to contest or not will be announce soon and reports made by our local reporters said most of the BN component party leaders support the stand to stay away from PENANTI by-election except for Samy vellu....that would be like CHELSEA losing to MAN U by conceding walkover..yes..everyone will be upset if chong wei concede walkover to lin the saying goes..'belum cuba belum tau' really connect to the story..from my point of view-yes i want to express my view too as this is my blog-yes from my point of view,BN should contest..FYI i've change my stand after considering many factors:
  • as a gentleman we should try to fight, i'd rather see BN goes down fighting than losing 'BUTA-BUTA'
  • Pantang anak Melayu dicabar, pantang menyerah kalah sebelum bersilat, bujur lalu melintang patah dan pantang Melayu derhaka pada kaumnya( i dont really understand why on earth i post this quote)
  • Menang kalah nombor dua. Yang penting, jangan abaikan (abandon ship) pengundi begitu sahaja.(yes, i bet there are many people who had getting fed up with anwar aljuburi)
  • "There is nothing certain in PKR.
In Penang we are even afraid to rely on the YB as at any point of time the YB can change portfolio.
A lot of things that this PKR YB has started but cannot finish.
They are doing their jobs in fear as they are not even certain with their fate.
Penang people knows this.
As a lot of things that needs changes in Penang needs time to implement the change.
With a lot of politiking and less work done this will not be achieved.
Because of that we see the PKR YB's are under utilise and not performing.
That is why in Penang you can see that the DAP YB's are performing with flying colors and mucch celebrated by the People of Penang.
Whereas the PKR YB's are mostly not known and far from being appreciated by the people of Penang."(penang consist mostly of chinese,same race will consider their same race,i'm not being racist this is just the fact that malaysians have to lived with)

yes..yes those factors had made me change my mind..of course people of malaysians great figure who has the same stand as Samy Vellu is our great and beloved not TUN Lah..its Tun Det..yes..he said BN must compete simply because they must does not matter whether Penanti is BN 'kawasn putih' or 'kawasan hitam'..the fight must go on to show that BN still care for the Penanti voters who had been abandon by anwar al juburi's protege Mr Fairus and once hopeful replacement for having the by-election penanti voters will get to redeem their past mistakes by spprting PKR...furthermore fairus also said he will reveal PKR dark secret if the party take action on his bribery allegation..hmm dark secret...come on malaysians!! dark secret doesn't taste like dark chocolate..IT TASTE LIKE HELL!!! man i still cannot understand why most of our young voters support anwar..AND I REALLY CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHy TUN LAH RELEASED ANWAR AL JUBURI FROM ISA DETENTION IN THE FIRST PLACE..anwar had caused malaysia a lot of trouble..huhu but i still think that is their own prerogative and its their right as much as i do to post this's to hit my bed..have another cycling stuff in the morning..see ya at another post..CHOW!!