Monday, April 20, 2009

PENANTI-another political ploy @ just another by-election?

this topic had really grab my utmost attention..I decided to stay away from my bed just to post this new entry as this issue had been boggling inside my mind..THE QUESTION IS-is it one of anwar al juburi political ploy or just another by-election?.. our prime minister DS Najib Tun Razak had said that the decision whether to contest or not will be announce soon and reports made by our local reporters said most of the BN component party leaders support the stand to stay away from PENANTI by-election except for Samy vellu....that would be like CHELSEA losing to MAN U by conceding walkover..yes..everyone will be upset if chong wei concede walkover to lin the saying goes..'belum cuba belum tau' really connect to the story..from my point of view-yes i want to express my view too as this is my blog-yes from my point of view,BN should contest..FYI i've change my stand after considering many factors:
  • as a gentleman we should try to fight, i'd rather see BN goes down fighting than losing 'BUTA-BUTA'
  • Pantang anak Melayu dicabar, pantang menyerah kalah sebelum bersilat, bujur lalu melintang patah dan pantang Melayu derhaka pada kaumnya( i dont really understand why on earth i post this quote)
  • Menang kalah nombor dua. Yang penting, jangan abaikan (abandon ship) pengundi begitu sahaja.(yes, i bet there are many people who had getting fed up with anwar aljuburi)
  • "There is nothing certain in PKR.
In Penang we are even afraid to rely on the YB as at any point of time the YB can change portfolio.
A lot of things that this PKR YB has started but cannot finish.
They are doing their jobs in fear as they are not even certain with their fate.
Penang people knows this.
As a lot of things that needs changes in Penang needs time to implement the change.
With a lot of politiking and less work done this will not be achieved.
Because of that we see the PKR YB's are under utilise and not performing.
That is why in Penang you can see that the DAP YB's are performing with flying colors and mucch celebrated by the People of Penang.
Whereas the PKR YB's are mostly not known and far from being appreciated by the people of Penang."(penang consist mostly of chinese,same race will consider their same race,i'm not being racist this is just the fact that malaysians have to lived with)

yes..yes those factors had made me change my mind..of course people of malaysians great figure who has the same stand as Samy Vellu is our great and beloved not TUN Lah..its Tun Det..yes..he said BN must compete simply because they must does not matter whether Penanti is BN 'kawasn putih' or 'kawasan hitam'..the fight must go on to show that BN still care for the Penanti voters who had been abandon by anwar al juburi's protege Mr Fairus and once hopeful replacement for having the by-election penanti voters will get to redeem their past mistakes by spprting PKR...furthermore fairus also said he will reveal PKR dark secret if the party take action on his bribery allegation..hmm dark secret...come on malaysians!! dark secret doesn't taste like dark chocolate..IT TASTE LIKE HELL!!! man i still cannot understand why most of our young voters support anwar..AND I REALLY CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHy TUN LAH RELEASED ANWAR AL JUBURI FROM ISA DETENTION IN THE FIRST PLACE..anwar had caused malaysia a lot of trouble..huhu but i still think that is their own prerogative and its their right as much as i do to post this's to hit my bed..have another cycling stuff in the morning..see ya at another post..CHOW!!

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eh..don't just read or find sth on one side. shud read both. open up ur mind laa..

^^ juz give an opinion