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Nukilan seorang bekas warganegara singaPURAPURA

Salam Perjuangan,

Ini adalah nukilan dari seorg warganegara singapura yg kini menetap di Malaysia Bumi Bertuah di dalam blog ayahanda tercinta tun mahathir mohamad>>

By motorscom on December 24, 2009 5:50 AM
Salam Tun,

I have always admired the way you stood up against Singapore and today I wish to add my views on the so-called Singapore's meritocracy policies.I was a Singaporean, born and bred for more than 35 years before deciding to seek a greener pasture in Malaysia. I’ve stayed here for more than 10 years and I am now proud to be called a Malaysian.

First and foremost let me declare that I do not harbor any vindictive feeling against the Singapore-PAP regime and I fully understand their endless bigotry policies against the minority community. I left for the same reason as many other professional Muslim/Malays - the government’s chauvinistic policies against the minority (Indian included). After all, PAP was formed by a group of elitist Chinese that paraded the theme of Malaysians-for-all slogan under the guise of meritocracy. Alas, my generation began to lament the fact that our forefathers had been too naïve to actually believe that pretences and false slogans can be translated into action by this elitist party. It may come as a surprise to many Malaysians but let me put the facts straight – Singapore is probably one of the most racist countries in the world and perhaps even more than Israel.

Since its independence in 1965, there has never been a single government policy that favors the Malay/Muslim community. Need proof? Let me begin by naming just a few of their ‘meritocracy’ policies – 1) demolition of mosques (from 93 mosques before separation and now 36); 2) admission quotas for minorities into national universities capped at 2% of student’s population (with an unofficial allocation of 2 students each in medicine and law while the rest are forced into the social sciences); 3) refusal to employ Malay/Muslims into the air force, navy and armed forces; 4) refusal to allow uniform Muslim civil servants to wear hijab; 5) refusal to allow Muslim school children to wear hijab in school; 6) demolition of Singapore’s last sultanate home; 7) refusal to allow muezzin call for prayers in mosques; 8) threat to close down three out of four existing madrasahs; 9) millions of tax payers money spent to promote Mandarin while none was allocated to promote the use of its national language Bahasa Kebangsaan (Malay language) as required under the constitution; 10) only two out of more than 300 pilots employed in the national carrier SIA are Malays; 11) only one out of 800 super-scale civil servants is a Malay; 12) there is never (and probably never will) be any permanent secretaries in any Ministries who are Malays - and this is just a tip of the iceberg. One needs to write a book to eloquently narrate the righteousness of Singapore’s so-called ‘meritocracy’ policies. Oh yes, and another ‘meritocracy’ policy which is the mother of all - the racial allocation of Malays into any single constituency that is capped to a maximum of 30%. Confused? Let me put it bluntly – the Malay population should not exceed more than 30% in any single constituency - so much for Malay political rights!

Now let’s compare with Malaysia. Do we hear the government capping entrants into local universities at 2%? Do we see the government preventing the Chinese or Indian community from moving into any constituency? Do we prevent Chinese or Indian individual from becoming a pilot at our national carrier? Has there been any policy to prohibit the Chinese and Indian community from joining the military? Do we prevent any community from praying or promoting their language or culture? Do we see the Malaysian’s authorities demolishing temples and Chinese shrines blatantly?

For those who herald Singapore as an example of meritocracy, my advice is to read your facts first and not concoct information based on half-truth, lies and untruth.

KOmen wak- Sedarlah semua...xkan nak tengok malaysia jadi macam singapura? Sanggup? Malaysia adalah sebuah negara yang cukup bertoleransi terhadap rakyatnya..apalagi yang korg nak? Apalagi nak demand? Apalagi yang xcukup?Wak bukan nak tanam hasrat supaya benci terhadap bangsa2 lain,tidak...ada rakan2 bangsa cina dan india kita yang baik,toleransi,hormat menghormati..cuma segelintir daripada mereka ini yang bertindak extreme..kononnya tidak terbela di malaysia..Pesanan wak untuk warganegara Malaysia yang tidak bersyukur dan malu akan menjadi Rakyat Malaysia,wak nasihat keluarlah dari malaysia..We dont need you..Carilah negara mana yang sanggup ambil pengkhianat seperti korg..Senang cerita>>>>>XSUKA, ANGKAT KAKI,TUTUP MULUT....PASTU JALANNNNN.....ADA MASALAH JANGAN CARI KAMI! ADA PAHAM??

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