Thursday, April 30, 2009

'i am polite' CAMPAIGN 2009

this topic had been 'playing' inside my mind since i was in Penang Free School..really want to talk about this topic but only now i had the chance to express's all because none of my friends are interested to hear it..they know who am i..a person who love to talk and always,always 'sembang' about politics whenever i had the's maybe because myself had mature earlier than most of them and i'm only interested to talk about topics that only the adult cares about..politics, people, moral values, other races and father bought my first handphone(dapat free actually) when i accept the offer to further my study at MJSC Langkawi and i'm still using it..most youngster nowadays will call it 'handphone baling anjing'..haha..i only change its 'housing' during my times at free school, i don't mingles with girls often..those days i don't give a damn about girls so girls is not my every day topic..

okeyh back to my main motive..moral values as i see it, have been lacking day by day..most of the youngsters do not seem to take seriously.. nowadays its a norm if you see kids who talk to adults by using words 'aku hg', 'aku hg' selamba katak jer..i have also encountered a boy who stand on his dad's shoulders and then suddenly kick the latter's head..his dad was kick right at the head THRICE..yes we can accept the fact that it is only a child..HOHOHO..senang nye buat statement...during my time...huhu NO WAY my dad will allowed me to stand on his shoulders..
huhu pity the that guy la..people will talk about how rude his kid just... IT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN..but this case boleh bagi can lagi la..cause it involve kids..but as the saying goes 'melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya' should be taken into serious consideration..

during my time as a frees and a hostelite, every morning i can see parents who are sending their children..this is a routine and normal thing to see rite? but to my amazement, the children(some of them are my friends) act like their parent were their driver...the parent it father or mother(one of them)..and the seat rite beside the parent is empty but the children choose to sit alone at the back comfortably as if they pay their parent..i dont really know if this had to do with feng shui and all that stuff..but it really shows the lack of respect they have towards their parents.. sorry if i offend anyone reading is just my reaction when i see it..sometimes 'marah' pun ade because i see it every morning and i hate it a lot..

do you have the experience where kids challenge you for a fight? kids as young as 6 years old..
"tengok2 apa? nk gaduh ka? mai r!!"...huhu..this really how kurang ajar kids nowadays..ikut hati aku mau je aku tackle terbang budak tuh pastu hentak kt tanah...cilanat punya budak!
all of you must be wondering what have lead to such commotion..rite? at first camni..that kid had ramp his bicycle at my dad's car..its ok..boleh terima..but then bila dia nk belah dari crime scene..secara xsengaja dia calarkan keta my dad with the bike's handle..then i scold him..i expect sorry from that boy but laen yang keluar dari mulut dia..i was like...WTF!!..and then selamba jer that boy left me speechlessly..

that is some of the example i have encountered personally to show how rude kids parents, brothers and sisters please look after your kids or brothers(this usually apply to the male)..teach them enough moral values and politeness they must have when they were born as an ASIAN..i am sure you don't want them to be called rude or disepak and get penyepak out of sudden..and most importantly this 'nasihat' also goes to me to make sure that i retain the impressive level of politeness i have and to ensure that my brothers also are at the same par with me..HOHO


WaNnY said...

aha, shud give that boy some lessons..

pi ketok pala dia laju2..


but then, i believed he wud go and tell his mom or dad..

nasib ler..budak2 mmg gitu, tak matang lagi..even yg da besar n bleh pkir ngan waras pon maseh lagi wat benda2 bodoh and really hard to say "I'M SORRY.."

what's next?

wakdanial said...

hmm, biaserlah kita pikir balek..kenapa mak bapak kita x mcm tu dulu? of course, they were in a different timeline..zaman berubah tp adakah tahap budi bahasa kita pun patut berubah skali? x salah utk kita berkeras skit ngn this type of generation..i bet klu nk 'ajar' skit bdak2 neyh ttg mannerism its ok but ada limit..klu die nk repot,repot r..kiter xplain elok2..dieorg akn phm..mcm miss wanny ckp ad gk org yg da besar xreti ckp sory..kita tgk balek ap root cause die..dari kecik tul x?klu generasi dulu,ank kena rotan ngn chegu bile balek umah repot ngn ayah kene lg tiga das dgn dari kecik kite kena mould budak2 yg x spoil n pamper a lot..cis ckp cm da kawin jer..apepun its just an opinion..hehe