Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seize it!!

So it was the headline for sunday The Star front page,as I'm reading it, the anger in me start to swell as if my body want to explode..i'm mad because they were once a public nuisance but today they have turned into a public threat..for me, I don't mind if they have chosen to be a public nuisance for the rest of their life..(i dont care, you can go to hell)..but..the real problem here is when they start to harass the public..first, they 'usik' all the 'anak dara', they robbed people..then..after this what it is going to be?? Slaughtering and butchering others on bike??Perhaps a modern head-hunter?? Whatever things that they might turn into, i'm sure they will give you a hell out of their tell do you feel when you found out that ur hearing impaired daughter had been beaten and robbed in the public by all of this REMPITS!!?? all will get pissed off..RITE? I felt pity towards the girl..please..if you want to robbed her, go ahead but please spare her,she has suffered a lot..BUT DUN WORRY I ALWAYS PRAY THAT ALL OF THIS REMPITS WILL GET THEIR PUNISHMENT FOR ALL OF THEIR WRONG DOINGS..perhaps get run by a six tonne-18 tyres lorry??..i am very sure that those who had been victimised by this hooligans will pick that kind of punishment happily...i am not being evil but that is how i feel towards those hooligans..

Penang Deputy CPO Senior Asst Comm I Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah said most youngsters cited boredom as their reason they indulged in becoming MAT REMPIT who ride recklessly and often endangering other road users while others cited peer pressure. Okeyhla..a typical answer from MAT ROKOKS who turn into MAT REMPIT.. and interestingly 87% of them are aged between 14 and 25..from skool'less' to job'less'..very very young and fragile..shud i call them precious?? yes they were precious gem before..but because of the failure of their parents to guide them to the correct path they turn into besi berkarat..besi berkarat can be polished if those hooligans INSAF AND BERTAUBAT..why i say INSAF AND BERTAUBAT? this is because most of the MR are malays..huhu..sedeyhnye..come on la..plis la...dont terrorise ur neighbourhood..find a job lah if u all boring...da lah xnk blaja, pastu keje xnk pulak,malas,xsuke kerje jd kulilah..banyak cantek..blaja xnk ada cita2 xnk jadi kuli...come on guys...there are thousands of jobs up for grab..rezki di's all depend on yourself..kene carilah..if you just stay at home and 'hayun' your balls like a bandul the rezeki won't come bergolek one...

So what is the real solution?? okeyh I agree with the idea of seizing their bike..suspend their license for two years..hmm sounds like a good idea and i want to see they walk the talk..etceli,its all start from home, parents must make sure that their kids sit tight at night and making their house a harmonious place to stay..parents must know who their kids befriend with..who they hang out with..and stuff like that..u people know rite..of course it is easier to said than done..i dont have a family yet and it is easy to say such thing..but it's just a reminder to all the parents out there from me..this problem starts from make sure you're children enjoy their time in the house..have some family time together so that your family bonding can be strengthen..

to all MAT REMPIT out there..think of your loved ones, your race, your religion and your nation..ISLAM does not preach it's followers to be thief,hooligans,unproductive,robbers,serial rappers and practising violent..for the sake of ISLAM, stop doing what are you doing right have tarnish the good name of ISLAM..and you have tarnish the good name of our late prophet, Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w)..a prophet who have been respected by other religion..FYI, my former taekwondo master, Master Paul Boey(still remember your name) had praise the leadership and character quality of Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w) as our prophet..and most importantly he had said that the true religion is ISLAM,there are no other religion who taught what ISLAM preach..ISLAM teach the right thing towards its followers..although he is a christian but he insist that ISLAM is the true religion..but the beautiful name of ISLAM had been tarnished by this parasites,among others are mat rempit, bohsia, bohjan, kaki nombor ekor, bribery, extremist, SUNNI and SHIITE followers who loved to kill each others and to make matter worse they also kill their own inside the mosque which is a holy and sacred place to be in..

MAT REMPIT please stop terrorising malaysian street with your act..if you are jobless or have jobs but it does not satisfied you I can offer you another way to get rich..its halal and you are your own decide what your earnings at the end of the month..SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? JOIN LUXOR..change for progress, progress for success.. KING GROUP!! SATU HATI!!

p/s err i'm manager mawi, so.. if you need help or getting fed up with your current job kindly give me your personal details and i'm only interested with people who have the courage and determination to succeed..thank you..


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