Sunday, July 5, 2009

2 Bulan Yg Xter'update'


It has been quite sometime since I last wrote in my blog..
It is all because I'm not in the mood to blog..
For the past three weeks me myself were busy with my preparations to study in UTM skudai..
so this blog has been left vacant by its CUTE owner..
I'm currently in skudai rite now,enjoying my first time away here at Johor
Man i'm surely miss home already,eleanor,my mom,my dad,my twin,my lil bro and the dirt and blood of mtb riding..

Tomorrow, I will start my very first class here in UTM Skudai..
The first week here has been amazing..
I like the feeling of home here in UTM Skudai..
I like the feeling of being call 'MAHASISWA'

Tomorrow will also mark my first rugby training in UTM..
The training will be lead by Bro Nizam PALAPES..
Soon my junior will caLL me Bro Botak PALAPES..
Yes, I want to join PALAPES..haha

Okeyh..that's it..enough for today..
Till we meet again at the next post..

p/s: pixca of me in UTM


WaNnY said...

kegembiraan terserlah di wajah. haha. gudluck kat sane ;P

Cik TiRa said...

whoaaa, ko kat UTM ek skrg..bagus2..amek kos ape?? of cos engineering kan..