Sunday, June 17, 2012


" The video is not fake. And one can find many similar videos on Youtube. The reason is simple. On one hand, traffic police in russia is 99% corrupt and constantly terrorizes people.

On the other hand, many Russian drivers harass the police in response. Some drivers are even known as cop hunters. They learn all rules by heart. And always have video camera in the car. When stopped by cops, they film the whole process of arguing with them from the beginning till the end and upload it to Youtube."

Salah satu komen yang dibuat untuk video ini di Youtube dan ya, gua ambik dari Blogserius yang serius feymes. Gua kena credit jugak dekat dia sebab gua dah cilok dari dia. Satu lagi nanti fanbase dia attack gua sebab tak letak credit. Eh ye ke? Kbai.

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